Monday, May 10, 2010

My college life
The mystery:

I found the perfect meaning for the word ‘Mystery’(in the dictionary of life) as my college, Jeppiar Maamallan Institute of Technology at Sriperumbudur near Chennai. Such an awful story was my college life. As with any other Jeppiar institutions we were not allowed to use mobile phones, laptops or any other electronic gadgets. The highlight is there should be no interaction between boys and girls. Above all there should be no interaction amongst boys in the hostel. The funniest thing is that there were many clashes amongst some staff.

The New Born:

The first year of my college life was really such enjoying times with my friends. Ours was a great mass such that we were the only department (I.T) to create names wherever we go and demolish the college rules often. This really brought us the name ‘Outstanding Students’ as we stood most of the day in front of the administrative office. Those moments are really unforgettable as we passed comments in front of the administrative office, rather in classrooms, without leaving a single leaf of the tree. Such went the morning times and the evening times in hostel were hilarious cum thrilling moments as we used to chat with our friends in the hostel rooms. Then came the first semester wherein I failed in M1.  With just a single day of leave our second semester started. Although the papers and the staff changed we remained the same standing in front of the administrative office for most of the day and most of the semester. Nearing the end of the semester we the hostilities decided to vacate the hostel and rent a room outside. This happened successful except for the result of the second semester wherein I got three arrears among which M1 was also one (RA: not re-appearance but repeat audience!). And the funny is that the external marks were lesser than our internal marks!!!

The Child:

Entering the second year of my college, the same mass roared again only with more strength and unity. As with college rules and regulations such as proper dress codes, discipline and so on I suppose that Industrial visits are also considered to be unnecessary for the management. We had only a single Industrial Visit and that too it was visiting Jeppiar Water Plant near Kanchipuram. With the new lateral entries we showed our mass still greater. The model exams were funny as we scored just binary digits (0 and 1). This is because we have never opened books ahead of the night before the university exams. In fact many of us went searching for books in parts of Chennai. With completing third semester I improved myself on academics just on the negative side (6 arrears!).  Then everything went smoother in the fourth semester except for me as I became un-notified in our mass. Our practical sessions and exams were just like day times without sunshine. We never prepared for either the practical exams or the viva sessions. This was an habit for us all through our college life. Then the fourth semester exams: again completing with six arrears.

The Adult:

The third year was bit easy regarding the papers as the electrical and mathematics papers were less. But our attendance still went below the red level. Although we never cared for it, we were punished to stay outside from attending classes. But this still encouraged us to bunk classes. But I really improved upon my academics as I had brought down my arrear level down to 4 from 6 in the fifth semester exams. As I said before we not only bunked classes but also model exams (even university exams if needed). Such a proof is this image by side: that we had fortunately taken this picture. You’ll find my name in the ‘absentees’ column. But in the end of this sixth semester I cleared all my arrears. Unbelievable!!!  All my friends and my family were happy of this. So came the chance to attend the campus recruitment for Subex and Mastek. But I was eliminated in the GD round. Later the field went down facing the recession and recruitments were shut off by MNCs.

The Expiring:

The final year was bit busy with future plans and project works. The seventh semester went much smoother as our classroom was isolated from other classrooms. But we never entered into the classroom and we occupied places in the passage all the day. We entered into classrooms only to play cricket. And this classroom cricket was unforgettable. No staff used to enter into our classroom and taking advantage of this we found this classroom cricket and this continued all through the academic year. Then came the eighth semester after completing the seventh semester without any backlog. These days we were busy with project works. The annual day of this year was very unfortunate since we had a clash between our department and mechanical department. And immediately the annual day celebrations were put off. But the clash continued for the next day too and so the college was closed indefinitely for only the final year students. And that was the last day in our college before the start of the exams. A month later our exams hooked up with us and the final year came to an end.

After completing B.Tech(on the right time!) I decided to take up a course in computer science. So I decided to take up .NET professional course at HCL Career Development Center. Taking the course along I wandered for job in many parts of Chennai at Anna nagar, T.nagar, Sholinganalur, Nungambakkam and so on. But nothing was successful as mostly I was asked to make bonds. So learned a good experience. As the course passed for about three months my first test in VB.NET stood before me. Some how passed the test with a percentage of 77. Then next came the test for C#.NET in another three months time and passed it with a percentage of 78. Finally completing the course in the month of November end, happened to attend the interview at Bangalore for Accenture.

Interview at Bangalore:

As days moved on after completing the .NET course I heard the news of Accenture off-campus drive in Bangalore.  So moved into Bangalore by train, 3 days ahead of the drive. Unfortunately I didn’t enter the city as I stayed in my friend’s room near Whitefield and was preparing for the interview. All the way through the interview was tough regarding the travel, competition and the exam itself. Knowing well that I wouldn’t be successful in the interview left Bangalore the next day with a bottle of French wine for my friends.
The kick start of my Career:

Started my job as a Developer at Skylark Information Technologies, Chennai. The work was heavy since I and a team of two others had to maintain both front-end and back-end for an Hospital Management System. With good amount of bugs and codes to be run, I worked almost round the clock only to be yelled at, by the TL. Then switched over from Skylark to G7 Infotech at Bangalore on 13/12/2009. And now, Bangalore: a colorful place to live in and G7: a better place to work.